Therapy & Counseling Services

Below you will find a list of my services. After finding the service that fits your need, click on the heading to find out more.

Adult Therapy Services

As a licensed therapist, I've worked with thousands of people who needed some help from a trained professional to successfully move past challenges in their lives.

I provide a wide range of adult therapy services for couples and individuals.


Individual Therapy

Sometimes we wander off the path we want for our lives, and it can be hard to find the way back by ourselves. Whether you're struggling with mental health issues like anxiety or depression, having a hard time managing life or work transitions, or you simply feel stuck and don't know where to turn, I want you to know that it's OK. I can help. Working together, we can understand and analyze the obstacles you're facing. Then, we can put together a plan to get you back on the path towards the life you really want.

Couples Therapy

Relationships, especially marriage, often encounter challenging times. When the ways you've successfully managed those times together in the past aren't working with your current challenges, you can hit a severe impasse. I can help you breakthrough that impasse by providing caring professional support to help you both explore what is and isn't working in your relationship and help you find a new and better way forward together.


Separation & Divorce Counseling

Beginning the process of separation and divorce, whether you initiated it or not, is a significant life change. It is often a painful process for both parties, and it is the beginning of many changes to come. I can help you understand how you got here, manage the emotional process of your divorce, and have a plan for successfully moving forward. In our sessions, you will see how you can uncouple in a conscious, compassionate, and positive way. 

Child & Adolescent Therapy for Boys

I work with children to help them overcome a variety of challenges that may be holding them back. Individual therapy can help your child manage stressors related to school, peers, or family. If your child is experiencing mental health challenges like anxiety, depression, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder, or addiction, I have the training and experience to help. I can offer your son or daughter emotional support and guidance informed by psychoeducation and general wellness practices so they can approach and meet their developmental challenges in a healthy way.

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Family-Focused Therapy

Family relationships can be complicated and interconnected. When emotional challenges arise, it can help have a professional outside the family dynamic who can simplify and solve the situation rather than add emotional complications. That's why I offer a full range of family services, including every service mentioned above, to help support both the individual members and the family unit as a whole.

Ready for Positive Change?

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