Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling for Adults

Here’s what I can assure you… Within even the most traumatic experiences, the most conflicted relationships, the most challenging work situations, and the most difficult life transitions, there are always seeds of real happiness just under the surface.

Whether you're grappling with feelings of depression, anxiety, or facing various challenges in life, I'm here to guide you towards overcoming these obstacles and achieving the life you aspire to lead.

With a wealth of experience as a licensed therapist, I've successfully assisted countless individuals in surmounting a diverse range of difficulties, including:

  •  Navigating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.
  • Strengthening relationships within marriages, families, and workplaces.
  • Managing significant life transitions.
  • Addressing work-related challenges.
  • Overcoming that feeling of being stuck, lost, and unsure of the next steps in life.

Life continuously presents us with challenges, opportunities to embrace a fuller expression of ourselves, and an invitation to embody our true selves.

Psychotherapy provides a path to reduce symptoms, foster personal growth and development, and embark on a journey of self-discovery. You will learn new tools and strategies to effectively navigate life's complexities.

Our collaborative psychotherapy sessions are rooted in reflection, solution-oriented discussions, and a focus on understanding the contextual, relational, and internal factors contributing to your emotional distress and self-defeating behaviors. We acknowledge healing as it arises and work together to develop solutions and fresh approaches to living.

Throughout our work together, we'll closely analyze the challenges you face and uncover their underlying causes. I will empower you with the skills needed to confront these challenges positively and constructively, promote emotional healing, and reshape your perspective on your unique struggles.

Having worked with numerous clients over the years, I can attest that challenges can stem from various aspects of life—normal stresses at any life stage, relationships, career situations, personal history, beliefs, mental well-being, family dynamics, and more. It's often a blend of multiple factors.

By engaging in honest and open self-reflection, you can initiate genuine and positive change. As you begin to remove the obstacles that keep you feeling stagnant, life becomes more manageable, and you'll discover the beauty of being in sync with the natural flow of your life.

In our collaboration, my primary aim is to understand you deeply: your concerns, your values, how life is beckoning you to grow, and how I can best support you in answering that call.

Our work together begins with a comprehensive ninety-minute initial meeting, during which I will conduct a thorough assessment to gain a deeper understanding of you and your challenges. This will enable us to devise a personalized plan for addressing your concerns. Typically, we will then meet for weekly fifty-minute sessions, although we can adjust this schedule as needed.

I acknowledge that every individual I work with is unique and has distinct needs. Your experience during our collaboration will always be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.


Josh provides a calming and welcoming presence that gave me the opportunity to open myself up and explore my world without fear of judgment or appraisal. I looked forward to my sessions and left feeling inspired and refreshed about what lies ahead. He's helped bring me to a better sense of perception and understanding for whatever is on my mind, and for that I'm deeply grateful.

Michael – Westport, CT

Ready for Positive Change?

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