Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling for Adults

Here’s what I can assure you… Within even the most traumatic experiences, the most conflicted relationships, the most challenging work situations, and the most difficult life transitions, there are always seeds of real happiness just under the surface.

Whether you're feeling depressed, anxious or struggling in any other less-than-ideal situation, I can help you find your way through those challenges and build the life you you desire. 

In my years as a licensed therapist, I have helped thousands of people overcome a wide range of obstacles and issues including:

  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges
  • Marital, family & work relationships
  • Life transitions
  • Work and professional challenges
  • Feeling stuck, lost, and not knowing where to turn next

Life is continually putting us through challenges that have the opportunity to open us up to a fuller expression of life and to embody our true self.

Psychotherapy offers you an opportunity for symptom reduction, personal growth and development, and self-discovery. It also offers you the opportunity to learn new tools and strategies to cope and navigate the challenges of life.

Our psychotherapy work together is collaborative, reflective, solution-focused and conversational. My focus is to help you understand the contextual, relational and internal factors that are creating your emotional suffering and self-defeating behaviors, attend to healing when as it arises and develop solutions and new approaches to living.

In our work together we will work closely to analyze and understand the struggles you're facing and their underlying causes. I will help you develop the skills you need to meet your challenges in a positive and productive way, emotionally heal, and develop new ways of thinking about your specific challenges.

In working with many clients over the years, I can tell you that challenges can come from any and all aspects of life – normative stresses and challenges at any age, relationships, work situations, your history, your beliefs, your mental health, family dynamics… you get it – the list is endless and it’s usually a combination of a few different factors.

With your willingness to reflect upon yourself, your life and how you are living in an honest and open way, true and positive change can begin. Once you have begun the process of clearing the things that are keeping you stuck, life gets much easier, and you begin to understand what people mean when they refer to being in the flow.

In our work together, I want to get to know you: what’s bothering you, what’s important to you, how life is calling you to grow and how I can best support you to answer that call.

Our work begins with an initial ninety-minute meeting in which I'll take a thorough assessment so I can better understand you and your concerns and develop a plan for how we will work together to address those concerns. Generally, after that, we meet for weekly fifty-minute sessions unless we agree to another arrangement.

I recognize that each and every individual I work with is different and has specific needs. Your experience of our work together will always be uniquely designed just for you.


Josh provides a calming and welcoming presence that gave me the opportunity to open myself up and explore my world without fear of judgment or appraisal. I looked forward to my sessions and left feeling inspired and refreshed about what lies ahead. He's helped bring me to a better sense of perception and understanding for whatever is on my mind, and for that I'm deeply grateful.

Michael – Westport, CT

Ready for Positive Change?

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