Couples Therapy

Do you want more from your marriage or relationship? Are the "old way" of doing things no longer working? Do you need some new tools to communicate and understand each other better? Are life circumstances getting in the way of making your relationship the priority you want it to be? Do you and your partner need support navigating a life challenge?

Marriages, just like any relationship, often encounter periods of stress, challenge, and uncertainty.

These can lead to a difficult impasse where the old ways you used to do things simply don't work anymore. I can help you break through that impasse by giving you and your partner a safe place to talk openly with each other about what is really happening both within and between you. In couples therapy, I provide caring professional support to help you explore what is and isn't working in your relationship to help you find a new and better way forward.


I help couples get past the impasse and reconnect to a shared vision for their relationship and the life they are creating together.

Joshua Watson, LMFT

I help couples facing the following issues:

  • Stop negative intimacy
  • Developing healthy communication
  • Healing and repairing hurts and resentments from the past
  • Affairs & Infidelity
  • Adjusting to parenthood and working together
  • Challenges with adult children
  • Creating healthy boundaries with extended family
  • Mental health & addiction
  • Making new and significant life decisions
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • Money and Finance
  • Life Changes

In our sessions together, you and your partner will have the opportunity to:

  • Discover the things that are nurturing your relationship and create ways to prioritize those positive elements
  • Create space where you both feel the strength and safety to speak to each other from a place of honesty and vulnerability
  • Heal the past, renew the present, envision a new way of living and loving one another and have the support to integrate it into your everyday life.
  • Give your relationship and the critical issues you are facing the focussed and uninterrupted time they deserve
  • Let go of defensiveness and reactivity so you can communicate directly and authentically with each other
  • Identify the behaviors and parts of your life that aren't working in your relationship and work together to create positive change

My work is most effective when both spouses are mutually interested, self-motivated, and receptive to the therapeutic process.

Ready for Positive Change?

If you are ready to take the next step, complete the form to the right. I will follow up with you to learn more about your situation and discuss how we might work together. I look forward to hearing from you.